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General Insurance broker specialising in insurance coverage for small businesses across South East Queensland.

We offer a personalised service and will explore the wide array of insurance options available and tailor a plan specific to your business needs. We will meet with you at your premises to ensure an ongoing understanding of your business, making sure you have the correct and adequate insurance cover in place at the time you need it the most.

“It will never happen to me" is a phrase heard all too often and it could easily happen to you.

Unfortunately, many small business owners decide to take the gamble and either dramatically under insure their business or simply do not insure their business at all.

When you are starting up a business it may be hard to justify handing over money just-in-case something happens but there is good reason to do so. Your business will not remain active should it be devastated by flood, fire, theft or accidental damage. By investing in adequate insurance, your business will remain afloat should it be struck with such a disaster.

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