How To Create Your 60 Second Infomercial

Each week you will have the opportunity to educate your MBN ‘sales team’ on how to identify prospects, open a conversation, ask relevant questions and get permission for you to speak to the prospect about the possibility of doing business.

Your ‘sales team’ can do this most effectively if they understand WHAT you have to offer and WHY the prospect would be better off using YOU rather than a competitor. You did not learn your business in 1 minute, so allow your MBN ‘sales team’ to absorb different scenarios one minute at a time.

Here is an outline to get you started:

Section 1: 15 – 20 seconds

This is generic and can be the same every week.

  1. My name is...
  2. My position & Company Name is...
  3. My office is located at...
  4. My clients/customers are... (where do we look for prospects)
  5. Overview of products or services, including (you should keep this to a limit of 3 areas at any one time)
  6. My Hours of operation are...
  7. Payment/ Financing Options. Do you offer a free consultation, do you accept credit cards, provide a money back guarantee etc?

You may be thinking that all of the above cannot be done in 15-20 second, but with practice and preparation you will be surprised at the amount of information you can impart to your ‘sales team’. Brainstorm on paper, say it out loud, say it standing – practice and prepare!

Think SOUND BITES. If you are prepared you will impress visitors with your introduction. Remember, this exercise can be applied to many other situations where you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business.

Over time, your ‘sales team’ will memorise facts from your ‘infomercial’ and will be able to repeat them to your prospects.

Section 2: Your focus/speciality this week

Choose ONE specific area of your business (overview of products or services) and start to get more specific. Pick one and then begin with a phrase such as:

  • This week I would like to focus on...
  • One of the most dynamic aspects of my business is...
  • Recently, I have had several people come to me for...
  • This week I would like to increase my business in the area of...
  • Today I want to talk to you about (a specific type of business person, e.g. Real Estate Agent as a prospect or source of business)
  • I’d like to discuss a special we’re offering

You should also ask for a specific referral at this point if you have one. It is always better to have a specific company/person that you want the referral to as you never know who someone at the meeting may know or may have just met.

Section 3: A satisfied client story

You may not have time in 60 seconds to include both sections 2 and 3 so be selective. Instead of focusing on one aspect of your business, use a successful client story to illustrate same. WE REMEMBER STORIES. A person who referred business to you is a potential story. You might like to include the following in your story:

  • Who you helped
  • What their problem, complaint or difficult was
  • What you did for them
  • Why others would benefit from dealing with you in the same circumstance
  • Use a prop wherever possible. SHOW & TELL!
  • Be specific. Avoid terms such as ‘we specialise in...’ if you then relate a long list of things ‘you specialise in’. You can only specialise in one activity.