We had a great meeting!

We had a great meeting at the Caboolture Sports Cub last week, lot of new faces and some even became members. Welcome to everyone!

New Committee Members 2019/2020

Congratulations to the following members elected into the new committee for the coming financial year. We wish them well for the next 12 months as we continue to grow and refer.

Social Media Networking – Share Your Audience

Watch this video to see how we can collectively help each other to spread the word about our businesses.

We support each other through real world referrals. Watch this video to see how we can support each other with digital referrals too.

See how to use Facebook to share your social media audience with other members to exponentially increase the exposure of our members and the group as a whole.

How To Create Your 60 Second Infomercial

Each week you will have the opportunity to educate your MBN ‘sales team’ on how to identify prospects, open a conversation, ask relevant questions and get permission for you to speak to the prospect about the possibility of doing business.

Your ‘sales team’ can do this most effectively if they understand WHAT you have to offer and WHY the prospect would be better off using YOU rather than a competitor. You did not learn your business in 1 minute, so allow your MBN ‘sales team’ to absorb different scenarios one minute at a time.

Here is an outline to get you started:

Useful Information For One-On-One Meetings

The One-to-One Meeting information below, is a great tool to use to get to know other members outside of your regular meetings. The better rapport you have with each member, the more referrals you will both be able to give to each other. By systematically developing your relationships with each other, you will also be
systematically developing your referrals in future meetings.